Brewing a lighter beer good for warmer weather. Forgot to split my mash water so I ended up doing a full volume mash which meant my small amount of lemon juice wasn’t going to bring the pH down. Also tried out using a hop sock in the brew for less gunk in the fermenter

Grain Bill

  • 800g maris otter
  • 300g wheat
  • A dash of lemon juice

Hop Schedule

  • 1g Galaxy @ 40 minutes
  • 1g Galaxy @ 30 minutes
  • 1g Galaxy @ 20 minutes
  • 1g Galaxy @ 10 minutes
  • 1g Galaxy @ Flameout

  • 5g Galaxy dry hop


  • Mash at 70C for 1 hour
  • Batch sparge with water 70-75C
  • Bring to boil and leave for 1 hour

Tasting 6 /10

Love the colour I got with this one but not much else. A really yeast driven beer and perhaps too much for my taste.