This beer was done at the same time as #17 and then split into 2 fermenters

Grain Bill

  • Maris otter Malt 1.5kg
  • Caramalt 300g
  • Toffee Malt 300g
  • Lactose 120g
  • Rice 150g


  • Mash at 70C for 1 hour
  • Batch sparge with water 70-75C

Hop Schedule

  • 7g galaxy dry hop

Tasting 6 /10

Very much a Belgian ale. Not too bitter and very low on hop flavour. Not very pretty. Probably a good winter beer, sadly I brewed it in the summer


  • 09-01-2017 - Bottling went smoothly. Bottles have less headspace than normal and I tried to keep the tube near the bottom to reduce oxygen introduction. Turned out to be my lowest final gravity so far.