Another beer to brew in warmer temperatures. Going to try for a chocolate belgian stout based off of my old milk chocolate stout.

Grain bill

  • Maris otter Malt 1kg
  • Chocolate malt 200g
  • Brown malt 200g
  • Lactose 150g

Hop schedule

  • 3g mosaic @ 30 minutes
  • 2g willamette dry hop
  • 10g roasted flaked coconut

Tasting 4 /10

On my first tasting this was really bad. 2 months later it’s improved significantly. The head dies off immediately, and it’s got too much coffee flavour but as a slow drink it’s ok. I’m not left wanting another one. Perhaps it will improve more after another 2 months

  • Updates

  • 26-11-2016 - Reading of 12.5 brix, 6.5% ABV. Smells a bit wrong, like the hops aren’t a good fit with the malt.
  • 01-12-2016 - Added roasted coconut and willamette as dry hops
  • 12-12-2016 - Seems a bit all over the place at bottling. Too much bitterness overriding the other flavours