The weather is warming up so moving back to the M27 yeast. Thinking about doing a fairly plain belgian ale but with a little bit of a fruit addition via apple juice.

Grain bill

  • Maris otter 1.2 kg
  • 100ml apple juice

Hop schedule

  • 2g cascade @ 50 minutes
  • 2g cascade @ 40 minutes
  • 2g cascade @ 30 minutes
  • 2g cascade @ 20 minutes

  • 8g galaxy dry hop
  • 2g mosaic dry hop

Tasting 7.5 /10

Really rounded flavour. Much less hoppy than my other brews and the slight apple tang adds something that you wouldn’t normally see. The high ABV adds another element. Overall a decent and unique beer


  • 26-11-2016 - Reading of 7 brix, 7.1% ABV. Smells very hoppy
  • 26-11-2016 - Dry hopped beer
  • 30-11-2016 - Bottled the beer. Smelled amazing at first but not so great after it oxidised. Tasted okish, hoping it improves a bit in the bottle