A bit of a random beer to get back into it. Going to try putting rice in the beer to see how that goes.


  • Maris otter 900g
  • White rice 200g


  • Mash at 70C for 1 hour
  • Batch sparge with water 70-75C

Hop Schedule

  • 6g Mosaic at 10 minute intervals starting at 50 minutes
  • 5g Galaxy dry hop

Brewday 18-10-2016

  • Forgot to split my water out. Going to try to use the mash water as sparge. Could even work better than what I normally do.
  • Decided to try putting a single hop in at 10 minute intervals to hopefully get a more rounded hop flavour

Bottling 17-11-2016

  • Smooth sailing with the bottling. The rice seemed to give it a slight sweetness that I didn’t expect but I didn’t have much leftover to taste so it’s hard to say how it’s going to be in a few weeks

Tasting 6.5 /10

Smells citrusy and yeasty, the yeasty smell probably being the biggest let down. Has a sweet and very mild taste. A very refreshing and easy drinking beer. Also it just look beautiful.


  • [07-11-2016] Added dry hops