Going to give beer a break and try my hand at brewing a cider based on this recipe with the addition of some passionfruit


  • 4L Apple juice
  • 1 tin of passionfruit syrup/pulp
  • 100g lactose
  • 250ml berry tea
  • half packet US-05 yeast



  • Steep the tea bag for 10 minutes in boiling water
  • Strained the passionfruit to get rid of the seeds and pulp
  • Add all ingredients into the fermenter
  • Add yeast
  • Shake
  • Leave to ferment

Brewday 16-06-2016

So much faster and easier than making beer. The whole process took less than an hour


Tasting 4.5 /10

It’s definitely a cider even though it was made with ale yeast. Tastes a little cheap and sugary but it’s drinkable