A very similar beer to #3 with the addition of a little lactose and flour. Flour because I wanted to experiment with it and lactose because I need to find some use for it outside of stouts.


  • Maris otter Malt 1kg
  • Quick oats 150g
  • 50g lactose
  • 50g flour
  • Half packet of US-05 Yeast
  • Citra hops 10g
  • Cascade hops 10g


  • Mash at 70C for 1 hour
  • Batch sparge with water 70-75C

Hop Schedule

  • Citra hops 5g @ flameout
  • Citra hops 5g dry hop
  • Cascade hops 5g dry hop
  • Cascade hops 5g @ 50 minutes

Brewday 29-05-2016

  • Mixed the flour in with the oats before giving it a quick microwave. Seemed to cause the oats to clump a little bit when added to the mash
  • Tried a new method of squeezing the bag by putting it in a colander and pushing down with a bowl. Much less messy but not sure if it gets the same efficiency as using my hands.
  • Put the lactose in with about 20 minutes left on the boil
  • Gravity came in at lower than 3 despite the addition of more ingredients


Bottling 04-07-2016

  • Final reading of 8 brix
  • Smells and tastes pretty good

Tasting 6.5/10 /10

A little over carbonated with no head retention but still a tasty drop. Fairly easy drinking with just a mild hop flavour. Has a sweet finish that takes away the bitterness.


  • 01-07-2016 17:00 Was about to bottle when I realised I hadn’t even done a dry hop yet. Added 5g citra with the plan of bottling on monday