This is definitely going to be another stout since I’ve gotten quite a lot of interest there. Thinking of making this a chocolate milk stout.


  • Maris otter Malt 1kg
  • Chocolate malt 150g
  • Quick oats 150g
  • Lactose 100g
  • Half packet of US-05 Yeast
  • 10g cascade
  • Cocoa powder 5g
  • Half a vanilla pod


  • Prepare 6.5L of campden tablet treated water
  • Heat 4L of water to 70 degrees
  • Cook oats separately in the microwave so they don’t clump when added to the mash
  • Slowly add the malt into the bag while stirring to prevent clumping
  • Cover for 60 minutes
  • Take out the malt bag and allow to drip
  • Pour the remaining 2L @75C of water over the closed bag
  • Heat mash to 100 degrees and start timer
  • Sanitise fermenter
  • After 60 minutes remove from the heat and chill
  • After chilling transfer to the carboy
  • Wait for fermentation
  • Leave in the fermenter until fermentation settles down
  • Wait 3 days

Hop Schedule

  • 5g cascade @ 50 minutes
  • 5g cascade @ 30 minutes

Brewday 29-05-2016

  • Forgot to separate sparge water out so did a full volume mash. PH was ~7
  • Simply chopped the vanilla pod in half and threw it in after flameout. Put it in the primary after that
  • The fermenter is a lot fuller than I normally do. Hoping it doesn’t spill over
  • For some reason the dry yeast didn’t seem to want to dissolve and kept floating on top. Shook it a lot but there were still some floating

Bottling 15-06-2016

  • Final reading of 10.5 brix
  • The beer smells a little bit smokey tastes quite bitter despite still having a lot of sugar. Don’t think this is going to end up tasting that nice

Tasting 7.5 /10

A much more in your face stout than my earlier one.