Still deciding exactly what to do on this one. I’ve got my grain already and am thinking of doing something similar to #3 but with more oats and hops to make a stronger hoppier beer. This could be the first beer that I call an IPA.


  • Maris otter Malt 1kg
  • Quick oats 150g
  • Brown sugar 50g
  • Cascade hops 10g
  • Citra hops 25g
  • Half packet of US-05 Yeast


  • Prepare 6.5L of campden tablet treated water
  • Heat 4L of water to 70 degrees
  • Cook oats separately in the microwave so they don’t clump when added to the mash
  • Slowly add the malt into the bag while stirring to prevent clumping
  • Cover for 60 minutes
  • Take out the malt bag and allow to drip
  • Pour the remaining 2L @75C of water over the closed bag
  • Add brown sugar
  • Heat mash to 100 degrees and start timer
  • Sanitise fermenter
  • After 10 minutes add 5g cascade
  • After 30 minutes add 5g cascade
  • After 50 minutes add 5g citra
  • After 60 minutes remove from the heat and chill
  • Add flameout hops (10g citra)
  • After chilling transfer to the carboy
  • Wait for fermentation
  • Leave in the fermenter until fermentation settles down
  • Once fermentation has settled down add dry hops (10g citra)
  • Wait 3 days

Brewday 07-05-2016

  • Forgot to put the flameout hops in until the wort had almost completely cooled. Almost as if I’ve put in some very early dry hops. Oops
  • Gravity reading was 1.059 (14.2 brix)

Bottling 23-05-2016

  • Refractometer reading was 8 brix which means the FG is 1.015 making this a 5.8% beer
  • The smell coming off this while bottling was amazing. Really strong citrus and apple. Can’t wait to taste it
  • Sadly there was only enough for 10.5 bottles. Going to add more water to the next batch to get an extra bottle

Tasting 7 /10

A little underwhelmed with the hop flavour, it didn’t come out as strong as I expected. While I wouldn’t really call this an IPA it’s still a nice beer. Not too bitter and really easy to drink.


  • 16-05-2016 19:00 Did a 10g citra dry hop on 2016-05-16