#4 is once again not going to be much of a change. The main difference from #3 is going to be the addition of chocolate malt to make it more of a stout than a pale ale. Though since the rest of the beer is the same I’m not sure how much difference this will make


  • Maris otter Malt 1kg
  • Quick oats 100g
  • Chocolate malt 100g
  • Citra hops 7g @ flameout
  • Citra hops 5g dry hop
  • Cascade hops 5g @ 50 minutes
  • Safale american ale yeast (US-05)


  • Prepare 6.5L of campden tablet treated water
  • Heat 4L of water to 70 degrees
  • Cook oats separately in the microwave so they don’t clump when added to the mash
  • Place malt and oats in a bag and cover for 60 minutes
  • Take out the malt bag and allow to drip
  • Pour the remaining 2L @75C of water over the closed bag
  • Heat mash to 100 degrees and start timer
  • Sanitise fermenter
  • After 10 minutes add 5g cascade hops
  • After 60 minutes remove from the heat and chill
  • At flameout add 7g citra hops
  • After chilling transfer to the carboy
  • Wait for fermentation
  • Leave in the fermenter until fermentation settles down
  • Once fermentation has settled down add 5g of citra to dry hop
  • Wait 3 days

Brewday 11-04-2016

  • Even before I added the oats the grain was clumping but not as bad as last time, the temperature started at 71 and only dropped to 69C so I didn’t need to worry about reheating and I kind of want this beer to be a bit dryer anyway
  • Original gravity came in at 1.058 (14 brix). I thought it would be a little higher due to the extra 100g of grain but that’s still an ok result
  • My crappy stick on thermometer is making it really hard to see the temperature. I think the yeast went in at 16C but it could be as high as 26C.
  • This time I only used half a packet of yeast. I hope this will make it smell less yeasty at the end and also make my yeast go further

So dark compared to my previous brews

Bottling 22-04-2016

  • Bubbles still seemed to be going and the FG had dropped to 1.017 but I decided to bottle anyway and just leave some extra headspace.
  • It definitely tastes and smells like a stout. There’s a roasted taste in there and no yeast smell. Very little hop aroma or taste which is fine for what this beer is supposed to be.

Tasting 6 /10

Has a yeasty and hoppy smell like my other beers but with a mild stout smell. The stout taste is milder than when I bottled it. To me it’s a great because it doesn’t have the kick like other stouts but this may disappoint those who look for that in a stout


  • 12-04-2016 10:30 Fermentation seems to be going very slowly. Could be the cooler temperatures or only using half the amount of yeast. Will have to wait and see
  • 13-04-2016 08:00 Fermentation is bubbling along quickly. Still having trouble accurately reading the temperature
  • 18-04-2016 18:00 Fermentation has slowed considerably. Added 5g of citra as a dry hop. Has a definitely stouty flavour though I wouldn’t consider it a nice beer at this point. The refractometer reading was 1.034 (8.5 brix) which would be a current gravity of 1.019 which would be probably what I expect as a final gravity giving it a current ABV of 5.12%
  • 21-04-2016 19:00 Pulled it out of the cupboard to start bottling and the movement seemed to start the fermentation up again. Hoping it dies down fairly quickly so I can bottle tonight