While #1 is currently fermenting it’s time for me to start thinking about #2. I don’t yet know what #1 tastes like but I want to start work on a second to hedge my bets in case it turns out bad.

This one is going to be all from scratch, no kits, just all grain malt, hops and yeast. I want it to be pale in colour but with a moderate hop aroma and not too much bitterness.



  • Maris otter Malt 1kg
  • Citra hops 2 x 5g
  • Cascade hops 5g
  • Safale american ale yeast (US-05)

Things I need to buy

  • bottling attachment
  • BIAB Grain Bag
  • Hydrometer
  • Bottle brush
  • Morgan’s Lo Suds

  • Beer supplies container
  • Funnel


  • Prepare 6L of campden tablet treated water
  • Heat 4L of water to 70 degrees
  • Place malt in a bag and cover for 60 minutes
  • Take out the malt bag and allow to drip
  • Pour the remaining 2L @75C of water over the closed bag
  • Heat mash to 100 degrees and start timer
  • Sanitise fermenters
  • Add cascade hops
  • At flameout add 5g citra hops
  • After 60 minutes remove from the heat and chill
  • While chilling create a whirlpool to concentrate the particulate in the centre of the kettle
  • After chilling transfer to the carboy
  • Wait for fermentation
  • Once fermentation has settled down add 5g of citra to dry hop

Brewday 01-03-2016

  • Got my mash water to 70C and turned the stove top off but left it in place. After adding the malt the temp was still at 70C
  • After 1 hour the mash temp was still at 68C which is nice
  • Sparge water was at around 70C which was ok
  • Boiling temp was at 98C with the lid covering. I tried to pour off the water on the lid a few times to get rid of DMS
  • Original gravity came out at 1.040 which was slightly lower than expected but not too bad
  • The whole thing smells like really strong hops but tastes more bitter than hoppy
  • The colour as well is nice and light even though it’s cloudy
  • Seems like a big improvement over #1

Bottling 10-03-2016

Things went much smoother in this round of bottling. No mess on the floor and no wastage. I Could have made 1 of the bottles 500ml and might try that next time.

This is the first time I’ve been able to calculate the alcohol percentage which came out at only 3.4%. Lower than I hoped but I guess it’s good for a session beer. The next beer definitely needs more grain to make it stronger. Though I’m surprised that the attenuation is only 64%, that seems like a mistake to me.

The beer has a slightly sour taste similar to #1 but it’s not nearly as strong and overall the taste now isn’t bad which given how much the first improved I’m hoping this will end up as a decent beer. You can really smell the citra hops but it’s not as hoppy of a beer as I had hoped. I put this down to the dry hop bag floating, next time I think I’ll just throw the hops in.

Ready to bottle

Tasting 6 /10

Has a bit of a yeasty smell but it’s covered up a bit by a mild hop aroma. Low on bitterness with a bit of sweetness and not too malty. All round quite drinkable


  • 02-03-2016 08:00 Fermentation has started. Temp at 25C
  • 05-03-2016 08:00 Fermentation seems to have stopped.
  • 07-03-2016 17:00 Dry hopped with ~7g of citra. I put the hops in a boiled stocking with a teaspoon to weigh it down.
  • 08-03-2016 17:00 The dry hop bag has blown up like a balloon and floated to the top.